Twisted Network Programming Essentials by Abe Fettig

Are you studying IT and just started programming with Python? Have you ever thought that what you are doing in class is boring and you want to know more? Have you ever wanted to create applications that are really useful and applicable in real life? If so, you should definitely grab the book titled “Twisted Network Programming Essentials”.

Twisted is a Python framework for building network applications, therefore you are not limited only within your laptop doing games like Hang Man but you can also program applications that interact with the network. Let me suggest to you some examples you can do with Twisted.

First of all, you might create a real multiplayer game over network by establishing TCP connections and the great thing about Twisted is that it’s asynchronous thus making the application very responsive even over the network. Another idea could be creating a spider which crawls over the websites and collect the information for you based on your filters. Sounds cool? Yes, you could thing of collecting data like Facebook statuses from list of friends you choose (stalking tool). Besides that, you can create your own hacking tool to exploit the network for penetration testing purposes. There are hundreds of possibilities you could think of.

With the help of this book, you will learn some very basics examples of downloading web pages, creating web servers and so on. The code samples are easy to follow, therefore with the knowledge of basic Python programming, you would be able to understand. The book is user friendly as it covers detailed instructions on setup of Twisted on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). Each example provides steps on coding and explains how it works.


Where to find the book?
Call number: QA 76.73.P98 FET 2006
Location: East

Written by Ngo Minh Nam


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