Chicken Little is a movie that can bring fun and laughter to everyone! Personally I love this movie a lot because of the cuteness of Chicken Little and his friends. They are a bunch of wonderful people. If they exist in our real life, I am sure that we will not be surrounded by any negative emotions! The story setting was about Chicken Little, who was a naïve chick worrying about the falling of sky. One day, he just went and rang the school alarm to inform everyone that sky was falling! He advised everyone to run for their lives but of course, that was a false alarm. Thus after that incident, Chicken Little was famous because of its loony personality. Even though everyone was laughing at Chicken Little for his “falling sky” theory, but then Chicken Little still adhered obstinately to his own thought. And up until one day he was really hit by a piece of falling sky, he gathered all his friends and did a thorough investigation.

Soon he found out that the “falling sky” was actually part of an invisible UFO, and he warned the citizens to be aware of it. But who was going to believe Chicken Little? He was disappointed. Just a few days later, the invasion of alien really occurred! Now, finally all the people believed Chicken Little. So what happened next? Just come to the library and borrow it to find out for yourself! This story, with its heartwarming plot, will certainly fill you with laughter without have to spend a single cent!


Call Number: PN 1997.5 CHI 2006

Location: South

Written by: Lim Yong Xing 


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