Hunt For Fun!

The library is a place for lots of fun! Don’t believe it? Join us for “Hunt for Fun” and find out for yourself. This event will be run solely by your fellow schoolmates, who are also the library’s Student Assistants.

What are you still waiting for? Form a team with 3 of your friend and register before 25 June 2010. CE points will be awarded to all participants and each team stands a chance to win attractive prizes.

Join us, have fun and WIN prizes!

Form a group of four and join us in the Hunt for Fun @ the library!

Stand to win prizes worth $240 + 2 NDA points!!!

Click here to register.
Registration will close on Wednesday, 25 June 2010.

Selected teams will be announced through email.

Terms and Conditions of “Hunt for Fun”:

1. This event will be held on Thursday 1st July 2010, at 5pm.
2. Registration will close on the Friday 25th June 2010.
3. Only RP students (excluding the library’s Student Assistants) are eligible to participate in this event.
4. Participants are required to form teams and each team must have 4 members.
5. Only 6 teams will be selected to participate in this event and the selection will be made on a first come first serve basis.
6. If the team is selected but absent during the event, 1NDA will be deducted from each team member.
7. The prizes are :

  1. Winning Team : 2NDA and $120 worth of Swensen’s voucher
  2. 1st Runner-up : 2NDA and $80 worth of Swensen’s vouchers;
  3. 2nd Runner-up : 2NDA and $40 worth of Swensen’s vouchers
  4. Remaining participants : 2NDA and Consolation Prizes.

8. CE points will only be awarded to participants who stay the duration of the event.
9. Winners will be decided by the library and the library’s decision is final.
10. The library reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions without prior notice. [For queries, contact]


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