Computational Biochemistry by C. Stan Tsai.

Do you know how computer applications can be used in the study of biochemistry? Check out this book!.

This book gives a clear and concise introduction on biochemical principles and how to use the computer technology to analyse biochemical data. If you are a student taking biochemistry or bioengineering modules, this book will be very useful. Besides covering biochemical data analysis and management, this book will show you how you can solve problems in biochemistry. You can also find some key questions for you to work on and answers are provided.

In this book, the author is sharing on his experience on using computers in the classroom and how to utilise computer software in teaching and researching into biochemistry. Therefore, you can effectively use this book as a textbook if you are taking modules in biochemistry or related subjects. Besides focusing on computational approaches, the author also briefly covered the fundamental concepts of biochemistry, which will help you in understanding the subject better.

I think there is a close linkage between biology (molecular level) and information technology (data analysis, programming and graphics). And after reading this book, I have a much clearer picture on how computers can be used to solve biochemical problems. Therefore, I think this book is worth reading.


Call number: QP 517.M3 TSA 2002 (West)

Written by Wang Chao


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