Darwin’s Nightmare (Movie Review

Documentary Review:

The documentary touched my heart, deeply.

It might not be a costly film production, but it discloses true sorrows from other parts of world. Because it is real, I believe it will keep us silent and cause us to ponder.

It is a film that reflects both extreme environmental and political issues. It reveals a part of world that most of us might have overlooked. It’s a story about pollution, poverty, famine and extreme disparity of wealth distribution among different country.

It reminds me that while people like us are feasting and wasting food; tens of thousands of people are facing famine and starvation. We just can’t imagine it, till the moment we witness it. In this film, a bunch of street children are fighting for a pot of plain rice, they sniff glue to satisfy one’s hunger and smoke for self-protection. Women step into prostitution just for the purpose of providing themselves food. When we are eating fish fillets, others are eating discarded rotting fish carcasses.

It is mankind’s nightmare.

The message that is conveyed via this film is as shocking as it is devastating. It made me to think deeply about what I can do for the tragedy that is happening on the other side of the world. It makes me realize the great disparity amongst different nations.

If you feel you are unfortunate, watch this film.

All life is precious, but are all men equal?

What can we do?

Director: Hubert Sauper


Call number: DVD DT448.2 DAR 2007
Location: South

Written by Gan Hong Wee


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