Principles of Microeconomics

Economics is everywhere. We are surrounded by economics news from the newpapers, TV and websites. Have you ever tried to look at an economic event using your own knowledge? Think about questions like how Singapore has been affected by the latest financial crisis and how Singapore companies make decisions when interacting with the market?  This book will help you in understanding the world we live from a microeconomic point of view.

In this book, you will find out how markets work, the market force of supply and demand, consumers’ and  firms’ roles in the market. Since microeconomics uses graphs to illustrate theory, you will learn about different types of curves which teach us how to analyse economics using mathematical knowledge.  This book also contains case studies in every section which will help you apply what you learnt to real life.

This book will also be useful for second year SHL students who take the “microeconomics” module.


Where to find the book?

Call number: HB172 MAN 2009
Location: South
Written by Wu Jingyun


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