Operations & Supply Chain Management: world class theory and practice by Rohit Verma, Kenneth K. Boyer

As a second year student who is taking Supply Chain Management (DSCM), it is quite stressing to cope with all the new topics and subjects introduced in this semester. Therefore I have been searching for relevant books on the module that I am taking. There are quite a number of books on this subject and I will introduce one of them to you.

The title of this book is ā€œOperation & Supply Chain Management: World Class Theory and Practiceā€. This book covers a wide range of topics under supply chain management, with 14 chapters including product-process matrix, forecasting and demand inventory.

During Semester One, DSCM students need to take a module on logistics planning and control which requires the knowledge about forecasting and process design. This book has covered these topics and has helped me a lot, providing examples, illustrations and a lot of diagrams.

Overall, I think this book is rather useful for DSCM students which is relevant for not just one module that we need to take in Semester One. You can gain a better understanding of various subjects from it, so make sure you grab it now!


Location : South

Call Number : HD 38.5 VER 2010

By : Sylvia Utami


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