The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

School has started not too long ago and it’s time for understanding tests already! Are you feeling the all stressed out? Besides hanging out with your friends, I can give you another relaxation idea – simply read any leisure title from the Choice Reads collection in the library! That’s what I have done. Therefore, I would now like to recommend this book for you. This is a story about a young lady, who is probably as overstressed as all of us. Her name is Samantha, a 29 year-old girl, who is a highly-regarded lawyer in London.

Although Samantha is already 29, she is completely clueless about household chores like baking, cooking, cleaning and sewing. What is she good at then? Well, she can help to save thirty million pounds for a client, restructure a corporate finance agreement and things like that. Does that sound boring to you? But Samantha does not think so. All her family members are successful in their careers, so she is deeply influenced by them.

Samantha wants to get into a partnership with the top lawyer firm in London and she does get what she wants. Unfortunately, this partnership did not last very long. One day, when she finds out the she has committed a terrible mistake that can completely ruin her career, she doesn’t know what to do! Being freaked out, she simply walks around aimlessly, boards a train and ends up in a big and beautiful house – only to get the job offer as a housekeeper. What is she going to do when she can’t even operate an oven or the washing machine? Do you think she can ever become a successful housekeeper? Or will she go back to London and face the music?  

I recommend this book to you for a reason. After a busy day in your workplace or in school, have you ever thought of your family when you are home? How is your relationship with your family members? Spare a moment to think about this – if you lose everything in life one day, the only thing that you would have left is your family. Therefore, even when you are leading a busy life, it will be good to slow down the pace, and appreciate what you have. Read this book and I am sure that Samantha’s story will inspire you as well. I can guarantee that once you start reading this book, your attention will be totally gripped by this interesting character. So do check out this book from the library!

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Location: Z- Central


Written by Lim Yong Xing


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