Foundation Silverlight 3 Animation by Jeff Paries

Are you a Flash developer? Are you an animator? Looking for some efficient tools that can help you in your animation? If you are, then you can try Silverlight. Sliverlight is a platform that allows you to create cool animation and cool application in different OS and in different browsers.

So, Foundation Silverlight 3 Animation is a book all about animation in Silverlight. This book will guide you on how to create cool and attractive animation using Sliverlight 3 in a efficient way. If you want to know more about animation in Silverlight, then you should read this book.

This book covers the basics of animation – the storyboards and animations that provide some level of interactivity to Sliverlight applications – but the book also goes well beyond storyboards and animations so you can learn how to create a pure code-based animations. What Flash can do, Silverlight can do it better!  Silverlight also gives you a very good and easy way to come out with an interesting and interactive game for creating animation-based game.

Of course, just using Silverlight, you can’t fully enhance your animation and workflow. So, this book also teaches you how to integrate Blend 3 into your Sliverlight workflow. This will increase the efficiency of creating your animation and your workflow.

To conclude, this book is very good for a beginner who wants to start creating his animation by Silverlight. But it is also good for intermediate user who wants to brush up his Silverlight skill. Feel free to look for this book in the RP Library.


Location: RP Library – East

Book Code: QA 76575 PAR 2009


Written by Che Yan Ru


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