Who Wants to be a Librarian II Results

We have come to the end of “Who Wants to be a Librarian II” contest. A total of 106  students took up the challenge and answered 6 questions based on RP Library . They cracked their heads and surfed through the library’s website, searching for clues. However, only 1 students managed to answer all the 6 questions in a quiz correctly.

The thoughtful librarians organised this contest so as to increase the awareness and understanding of library services. We also hope to encourage more students to make full use of the library facilities and resources. Well, it is just too bad if you have missed the whole excitement…  But you can still refer to some of the questions and answers posted below.  

Congratulation  to PEH SENG HONG KELVIN!!  He is the lucky participant who won the $15 Pastamania Voucher.

Well done !!!!

Year  1’s most correctly answered question

What are the fines for late return of book, DVD, RQ item and Xbox/Wii  games ?

Answer : $0.20 per day per book / DVD , $0.20 per hour for RQ item & Xbox/Wii  games.

Refer to  :  http://www.rp.sg/lib/memberstudent.aspx

Year  1’s least correctly answered question

The database contains thousands of articles/essays on the hottest social issues such as human cloning , global warming and terrorism. Which one is it ?

Answer : Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Refer to  :  http://www.rp.sg/lib/internal/databaselisting.aspx

Year  2’s most correctly answered question

What is the call number and location of this title “ The complete idiot’s guide to the perfect resume “ by Susan Ireland ?

Answer :  HF5383 IRE 2010, Central Area ( JOB)

Refer to : http://libopac.rp.edu.sg/

Year  2’s least correctly answered question

Which of these database provides online archives of Singapore Press Holding ( SPH) newspaper and is provided by SPH ?

Answer :  Newslink

Refer to  : http://www.rp.sg/lib/internal/newsdatabase.aspx

Year  3’s most correctly answered question

A Full-time RP students is entitled to borrow _______ .

Answer : 6 lending books, 1 RQ book, 6 attachments , 3 periodicals and 3 DVDs

Refer to  : http://www.rp.sg/lib/memberstaff.aspx

Year  3’s least correctly answered question

How can you check the summary of your library account online ?

Answer :  Go to www.rp.sg/lib and in the find box , click on “My library Account”

Refer to  : http://www.rp.sg/lib/index.aspx

Brought to you by RP Library


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