Selling and Sales Management 8th Edition by David Jobber, Geoff Lancaster

You are taking B217 Sales Management module? Or you are wondering of which books to choose among all the sales management books in the library?

Here is a good choice for you.

For anyone who is taking Sales Management module, you would definitely know this book, because it is one of the strongly recommended books to use in this module.  This book covers almost all the important learning points of B217, which includes the consumer and organizational buyer behavior, sales cycle, types of selling, the nature and role of sales management. All these will be covered in B217 Sales Management module.

My friends and i considered buying this book, but what happens if it is out of stock, or you cannot find it anywhere? Library is the simplest answer. There are 3 copies of the 8th Edition in library, 2 are available for loan, the other one is under “2 hours staff and students loan”, means that most of the time, this book is available for you in the library.

Beside the 8th Edition, the 5th and 6th Edition are also available in the library. In comparing with the 8th edition, there is not much difference, except that the 8th edition covers the following:

–       Updated technological applications used in selling and sales management.

–       In-depth look in the sales cycle, system selling and cold canvassing.

–       Additional exercises to assist readers.

–       Information on recent cases

–       More sales training


So B217 students, what else you are waiting for? Get sometimes going to the library, enjoy the great environment there, and at the same time, get references from this extremely useful book.

For those interested in the worlds of sales, selling product, or even if you want to learn to ask better questions or even improve your listening skills, “Selling and Sales Management 8th Edition” would definitely be the book for you.

You are surprised that Sales and Selling are related to Leadership, Listening and Questioning skills? You will find the answer for yourself once you finished reading the book. Because part of “Sales Management and Selling “is how you understand the customer needs, and knowing how to match your product to the customer needs. In order to find out all these information, I have realised through this book that questioning and listening skills are extremely important.

So go find this book! I promise that you will not regret of reading it. Where to find? South Library, call number HF5438.25JOB 2009.


Written by Le Ha Phuong


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