PHP in action: objects, design, agility by Dagfinn Reiersøl, Marcus Baker, Chris Shiflett.

If you are students from School of IT, you will be familar with programming languages like PHP and JAVA, but do you know how to combine those two programming languages to make your project more powerful? In this book, you will find out the answers.

“PHP in action” gives readers a clear concept of objects in PHP, like private and protected methods and variable, the limitation of constants in PHP, different interfaces in PHP5 versus Java.

This book is suitable for students who have the basic understanding of PHP or other programming language, if you are going to build up a web application, this is the book for you !  It provides a step by step guide from the basic concepts of PHP objects to the creation of interface and database. Besides this, it also teaches you advanced testing techniques as well as  ways to improve readability and eliminate duplication.


Call No: QA 76.73.P224 REI

Where to Find: East Area

Written by Wu Jingyun


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