Java for Programmers by Paul J. Deitel and Harvey M. Deitel

Are you just a beginner in learning Java and willing to learn Java in systematic way? Or do you need more resources to learn in-depth about Java? This book, “Java for Programmers” will be the right choice.

In this book, we can learn about classes and objects, methods, variables, control statements and other Java features. Object-oriented concepts like polymorphism and inheritance are also included. You may want to know how to use Java 2D and Swing objects to create GUI. All these aspects are also explained in this book. Advanced concepts like multithreading, networking, accessing database with JDBC, JavaServer Faces web applications are also featured in this book.

With good graphical demonstration and detailed explanation, this book would be a good student companion. Moreover, this book consists of more than 200 examples. So it’s a great chance for us to try them out and learn.

I would recommend this book for SIT year-2 students who are taking Object-oriented programming, Data Structures and Algorithms and SIT year-3 students who are taking Mobile Application Development module and those whose FYP requires Java skills.


Call No: QA 76.73.J38 DEI 2009

Where to Find: East Area (Near the IP Helpdesk)


Written by Shwe Yee Phyo


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