Introduction to Logistics Engineering by G.Don Taylor

About the book:

This book gives a general introduction on the logistics engineering industry. It starts the introduction of logistics from a historical perspective, followed by the economic impact of it. The book introduces a lot of popular logistics engineering tools such as linear programming and heuristic algorithms. It analyses how to do facilities location and layout design.  It also included information on material handling system, warehousing and transportation system. The service industry is used as an example to demonstrate how logistics works.

Reader’s Note

This book is very useful for those who are new in the logistics industry. The concepts used in this book are logical and easy to follow and understand. The tools and trends about logistics industry stated in this book are also quite updated.  This is a good book to recommend to students under the Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management; especially those who take the module E215-Warehousing and storage and E330-Global logistics Management.


Where to find the book?

Call number: TA 168 INT 2009

Location: North.


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