Science chronicles : fostering scientific thinkers and writers 2009: selected essays

This book is a compilation of many interesting fiction writings that originated from the Science Chronicles Competition. The competition provides a chance for students to make use of their creativity and write short stories that are related to science and technology. It also provides a platform for the younger generations to think more and pen down their imaginations which may turn out to be fact in the future.

This competition brings art and science together and provides an avenue for the talented ones to dream and create stories. The competition is aimed at promoting the application of science and technology to the public and encourages creative minds of science and technology for the future. Creative ideas are discovered and those ideas may play a part in our technology development. This compilation of selected essays consists of 19 essays from category A and 8 essays from category B.

When I first flipped through the book, I searched for titles which interested me. I was attracted to this particular title “Immortality”. I think most people would be attracted to this title since it seemed to me that this was quite a common dream. “Imortality” fell under category B and it was written by Jannelle Lau from Dunman High School. This story talked about a girl called Sophia being immortalised using some advanced technology in the year 2132.

The life of an immortal was not as good as it might seem to be as there were troubles that even immortals would face. The story talked about a scientist bringing a “dead” person from 2009 alive again in 2132 in a mechanical body. Being an immortal without any loved ones could be a torment. Being immortal all by yourself would make you feel lonely. This made me wonder why some people still wish to be immortal.

Through the essay, I have learnt more about some values in life. For example, one of the phrases in the essay stated that the immortal Sophia was trying to locate stars in the night of 2132 but she failed to do so as the city lights were too bright to make the stars visible. I found it sad as the city lights have begun to take over the role of stars as our guide at night. If you read the essay, you would understand that being immortal is not that desirable. I felt that this essay was very meaningful as it has taught me a lot about life and that we should treasure what we have before we lose them forever.

Besides the above story, there are still many interesting short stories to explore, so why don’t you pick up this book for an interesting and knowledgeable trip of science fiction expedition?


Where to find the book?
Call number: SCI
Location: Z (Central)

Written by Lee Cheng Shu


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