Osama (Movie Review)

About the Movie :

This movie depicts the hardship that people suffered in Afghanistan during the time when brutal Taliban was ruling the country. During that time, the Taliban regime banned women from working and prohibited them from going out without a male escort. A lot of violent and stunning scenes are shown in this film, which made me jump out of my seat – hoping to go there and help them out.

This movie is inspired by a true story. When I watch this movie for the very first time, I admire the 12-year old girl who disguises herself as a boy. She does that so that she and her mother will not starve to death, and she tries very hard to hide her true identity. I got a lot motivation and encouragement after watching this movie. I start to think seriously about my life and how I can work harder to achieve my goals. I feel that I am so much more fortunate than this young girl.

You may be puzzled about this – there is this time when I am feeling depressed, so I watch this movie again. I remember vividly that towards the end of the story, the girl has to face the consequences after she failed to hide her identity. This time, I can feel my adrenaline going up as anger, grief and hatred swim across my mind. I really admire the girl as she struggles to survive in that hostile environment. She is not given a choice as she is born in that family, in that country. Is that anything that she can do to make her life better?

I am very eager to find out what she can do to change her life. Will she try to escape from an old man whom she is forced to marry? Or will she admit defeat and accept whatever is ahead of her? Watch this award-winning movie and find out yourself.

Honestly, I have learnt to appreciate what I have. In fact, all of us should be extremely glad that we do not have to suffer like this 12 year-old girl. I hope you will be inspired by this movie and perhaps think about the true meaning of life. 🙂


Location of this movie:

Call Number             : PN 1997 OSA 2004

Location                   : South Area, DVD

Written by                 : Soe Htike


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