Lightning: The Nature of Leadership

When I first noticed this book, it arouses my interest because of its title. My senses tell me that there must be something different about this book, especially when the author associates lightning with leadership and uses a striking photograph of lightning as the cover.  The book strikes me like lightning as soon as I flip the pages. The author has a unique way to introduce the nature of leadership.

As I examine this book with great curiosity, I am surprise to find modern poetry and photographs which are carefully weaved together to inspire any reader. Each poem is accompanied by a black-and-white photograph of nature. The entire book consists of 70 poems with 70 photographs. Each poem is no more than one page long – making it brief and clear, clean and sweet.

The spacing and layout design for each page is neatly done, making it easy to read for anyone. Although the leadership concepts are presented in poems, they are easy to read and comprehend. The short poems may look very simple, but each poem is able to bring out the essence of leadership, including important traits and behaviours. You may even call them words of wisdom!

This book is definitely a page-turner and I feel that surprises await me in every page. It is inspiring as well… which is how I feel from the start till the end.


The excerpt below is taken from Page 7 of this book:


When things look bad,

And everyone is grumbling


When economic conditions

Are worsening


When both inside and out

Are unsettled


When even the weather

Is awful





I think I found my answer – on how you can relate leadership to lightning. 🙂


Call No. : PS3619.C345 SCH 2003

By: Bob Scher

With photographs by Jane English


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