Origins: Battle for the planet, Produced by: Discovery Channel

Documentary Review

A Discovery Channel production, Origins is a documentary about the origins of living beings on our planet, Earth.

The film starts by presenting, in the form of animation, extinct protozoon which live in the deep sea; with the computer-animated image, it helps us understand the message imparted. With the use of animation, it makes it easier for us to visualize the situation since some ancient species are already extinct.

The documentary explains how human evolved from those protozoon, how there was sea of troubles and how the beings adapted to survive.  All sorts of survival skills had to be applied, such as stalking, evasion and camouflage. Our ancestors were threatened by Crustacean, which dominate the sea during that time. At that point, our ancestors were the earliest organism with a spinal cord. And that led to the evolution of fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

When vertebrates started to migrate and live on the land, our evolution of internal skeleton had helped us to outsize our predator. Based on the evidence of fossils, we are now able to investigate the history of mankind.

It’s an interesting film and well worth the time spent. Since I am a documentary lover, I feel that this film had broaden my horizon by imparting precious knowledge that I hardly encounter in daily life.

Call number: GN 281 ORI 2003
Location: South

Written by Gan Hong Wee



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