Marketing (15th edition) by Pride Ferrell

Do you want to be the next Steve Job? Do you want to successfully market your product and create a strong brand identity? If yes, then you should read this book as it gives you a very strong foundation of marketing and it can guide you in marketing your product with greater success.

This book is strongly recommended to students who are currently studying Marketing. In this book, you will learn most of the concepts in marketing. It leads you from the basic to the intermediate of marketing so that you will not be lost.

The other thing that I like about this book is that the book gives you many case studies to help you understand the concepts. You will find it very interesting how differently companies market their brands. Some of them are very successful, while others are not.

One of the interesting case studies is “McDonald’s Marketing Serves Up Global and Local Profits”. If you are a fan of McDonald’s, you will be interested to find out how the marketing of its brand is so successful and powerful.

Lastly, I hope that those of you who are interested in Marketing would visit RP Library and read this book. I believe you will gain a lot of knowledge about marketing from it.


RP Library – South

Book Code: HF 5415 PRI 2010

Written by Che Yan Ru


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