Chemistry Ninth Edition

Chemistry is essential to the life of a student from School of Applied Science. By having the basic knowledge of chemistry, it can then help to improve the understanding of lots of knowledge as the world revolves around chemistry findings. This book covers lots of basic and advanced knowledge essential for a chemist to know. Relevant information can be found in this book for students who are taking A201 Chemistry I & A202 Chemistry II as almost every problem is covered in the textbook.

As the latest edition of Chemistry book in the RP library, this book is strongly recommended by me. Why do I recommend it? This new edition actually includes lots of additional information and compilation of all the updated facts for the benefits of the students. The book introduces about foundations of chemistry, organic chemistry, electrochemistry and even nuclear chemistry which is seldom discussed in some textbooks.

Another good point of the book is that the book has quite good conceptual exercise for us to practice and revise about the concepts that we have learnt. I feel that this is actually very useful especially for chemistry. This is because there may be times that we have already understood the concept, but we may still get wrong during UT times. This may be due to the lack of practice for the concept. As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect, by doing the conceptual exercise in the book, we can then test on our understanding. For example, the nomenclature of the organic compounds may be quite confusing and hence it is good to practice it with different questions so that we are familiar with the naming method.

Moreover, one of the strengths of the book which makes it better than other is that it actually recommends the reader some additional web resources that are relevant to the concept at the end of every topic. Further research could be made as the book often recommends animation and diagram from websites so that it is more interactive.

As you might be thinking why you should study this textbook even after so many benefits that I have listed, why not give it a chance to read it and excel in your UTs!! You will find that Chemistry is not that hard to understand due to the easy understanding phrase in the book. Grab it now, read it and benefit from it!!

Where to find it
Location: West
Call Number: QD 31.3 CHE
Written by Lee Cheng Shu


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