Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop by Jeff Schewe and Martin Evening

About the book:

One of the problems with Photoshop (Ps) is that the engineers always keep adding stuff to the programme and, as Photoshop has got bigger, there has been that much more to write about.

Rather than teach you all the basics of Photoshop, Camera Raw and Bridge, this book concentrates more on what you can actually do with Photoshop. Therefore this book is very much tutorial-based and packed with photographic examples.


Highlights of the book:

The book is very well organised and it covers almost all the techniques that you might need when processing photographic images. Here are some highlights of unique techniques from the book that I want to share with you.


Chapter 2: Raising your IQ. Page 15

This chapter teaches you some basic workflows of optimising the image. Before you start enhancing the photos, adjusting exposure, contrast, saturation and tone of the image would essentially improve your image. This is the headstone before you expressing your art feelings to your photos.

Chapter 3 Mending and Blending. Page 73

For portraiture photographters:

Here are some very useful techniques using mending and blending to create protraitures that look like fashion magzine cover. Following these simlple steps, you can enhance the details of the photo in order to make the photo more professional like.


For Landscape photographters:

Here’s another interesting technique for landscape photographers who intend to remove the “noise” from the image. The example provided in the book is how Jeff removes the tourists from the book by rendering 128 photos taken at the same position.


DVD attachment

There is a DVD attachment that comes along with this book. It makes the tutuorial lively and interactive. What’s inside the DVD is the video tutorial, pdf files and some more plug-ins for photoshop, which works on both Mac and PC computers.



Call number: TR 267.5.A33 EVE 2009

Keywords: 1. Adobe Photoshop 2. Photography – Techniques.


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