Grizzly Man (Non-fiction DVD)

“It is known as one of the most remarkable documentaries produced by any filmmaker in recent years” – From J. Hoberman. The New York Times.

One of the reasons why I had been attracted to this documentary is because it was a winner of the Famous Sundance Film Festival Award.

Most importantly, I was impressed when I knew that it was a documentary that talked about grizzly bears ( one of the most dangerous animal on earth) and how a bear lover & expert, Timonthy Treadwell, lost his life due to his passion for them.

The film started with a video record where Timonthy had a face-to-face contact with the bear without any precautionary measure. It showed his enthusiasm and how he forgot about the possible dangers to his own life when he tried to interact with the bears. The film explored the mystical world of the bears and also revealed different views towards Timonthy’s cryptic psycho state. The ending of this film was totally out of my expectation.

Although this file showed that Timonthy was a person who put lots of efforts on promoting protection to the bear species to the society by bringing education to the children in the country, the film had also mentioned that some members of the public had criticized that he was a hypocrite with mental problem due to his extreme ideas.

Indeed, this film had analyzed his psychological profile concisely. It did describe human’s nature and state of human mind in a very different way. Timonthy had shown his mind state unknowingly during the process of filming. He revealed humanity in such a way that we might not have a chance to witness it if he has not been featured in the film. The significance of this film was much deeper and lasting than what I imagined.

Film critics had commented that he had taken down precious scenes where it was impossible for others to achieve the same. The documentary had recorded down several scenes that described the close contact with the bears and Timonthy. It represented the beauty of the nature and described the intricate relationship between humanity and nature. To my sorrow, Timonthy and his girlfriend had lost their lives under a tragedy; the bear who murdered him had been killed too.

Lastly, I would like to comment that this was really an extraordinary documentary show that explored the world through Timonthy’s eye and mind. It is not a film for children under 16 years old. The impact of this film had brought me to a stage of introspection.

Produced by: Werner Herzog Film

Call Number: DVD QL737.C27 GRI 2007
Location: South

Written by Gan Hong Wee


One thought on “Grizzly Man (Non-fiction DVD)

  1. faiii07 says:

    very interesting review! he reminds me of steve irwin, who lost his life “due to his passion” as well. i find these people really brave and interesting. (:

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