Ruby Programming for the Absolute Beginner by JERRY LEE FORD, JR

This book is relevant for SIT student, especially for DIT, DBIS or DBA.

 This book talks about Ruby, a language program or scripting language. This scripting language unique characteristic compare with another is can be viewed everything that it sees and interacts with an object. Ruby is a good programming for tackling all kinds of small tasks and also can support the development of the most complicated programming tasks.

 Additional information from this book: by Tiobe Software, Ruby is one of the 10 most popular programming languages in the world nowadays. Besides that, Ruby can be run on Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux and numerous other operating systems. It’s means that user will be able to leverage your programming across a host of different operating system platforms, maximizing the investment in time and effort that user will make in learning Ruby. 

So, the first thing you can release when seeing this book is that it’s the tools to show you the most basic skills and knowledge about Ruby. In more detail, this book will give you information about the basic understanding about Ruby, how can you install Ruby in different operating system. After that, the book will show you Ruby’s scripts, how can you working objects, strings and variables. After you go through this knowledge, you can go to the next step: using conditional logic to create adaptive script, working with loops and collection of data. That’s all of basic information and knowledge or Ruby.

Not only that, this book also include the advanced topic for the one, who want to go deeper, explore more about Ruby. If you willing to study this part, you will be able to working with regular expression, know more about object-oriented programming, debugging, file and folder administration.

All of this knowledge will be include into 10 chapters, which have specific purpose and knowledge for each to show you clearly the basic and advance level of Ruby and also, the powerful of Ruby.

This book can teach user how to become an effective programmer and everyone can learn this because there is no requirement to have previous programming experience.  If user can master of Ruby, he or she will be able to learning about Ruby on rail, a framework to create a website and using it for business of web service.

Ruby programming for absolute beginner is special book, which include a lot of things, which very hard to find compare with another same type books.  During read through this book, reader can see hints provided with tips for doing differently and point out things that reader can do to become a more proficient Ruby programmer. Besides that, the book also have advice on how to stay away from problems, which likely to occur and hopefully saving you the pain of learning them the hard way. Last but not least, you also can find the tricks about Ruby programming to help make you a better and more efficient programmer.


Call Number: QA 76.64 FOR 2008

Location: East


Written by Nguyen Anh Minh


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