The Elements of Reasoning by David A. Conway, Ronald Munson

Living as a social organism, communicating with other individuals seems unavoidable. In the communication process, it is very likely for arguments to take place and a proper way of reasoning ability is compulsory for producing a good argument, thus generating marvelous concepts or ideas.

This book introduces you to the basic of reasoning ability and provides you with general ideas of constructing proficient arguments. This prominent book guides you from understanding the concept of arguments, evaluating arguments, causal analysis, to identifying fallacies and vagueness in an argument. In addition, it also provides supporting examples for every concepts that it explains, so that readers can comprehend more about what they are exactly reading.

During the process of reading this book, I was reminded of the time I study Cognitive Module in Republic Polytechnic. Throughout this module, I thought that I have understood a lot of concepts in proficient reasoning and arguing, but this book gives a lot more insights about what I have learned. For instance, it imparts the knowledge of using Venn diagrams to create a logical argument, which makes use of categorizing and grouping that comes up with a reasonable conclusion. Before reading this book, I thought that Venn diagrams can only be used in Mathematic lessons, but now I can develop more persuasive arguments by using this concept.

To sum up, this book is greatly useful in shaping a good reasoning ability mindset of us. It gives us a great idea in becoming more matured in cognitive thinking. So, what is holding you back from borrowing the book? Grab it now!


Where to find this book?

Location: South Area

Call number: BC 177 CON 2000

Written by Erwin


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