Applied Calculus: For Business, Economics, and the Social and Life Sciences (Tenth Edition) by Laurence D. Hoffmann, Gerald L. Bradley

Are you one of those students who studies the 6p, practices questions, sits for UT and hope to get good grades out of it? You may have spent a lot of time and effort on studying. But have you acquired any knowledge? If you are unable to apply what you have learnt in class, then you have not acquired any knowledge.  If you want to know how you can apply calculus to real situations, you have to refer to this book.  

Many of us may be good at mathematics and calculations but not many of us are able to apply the concepts. This book focuses on the application of Calculus to Business, Economics and the Social and Life Sciences. I would recommend it to all students (from year 1 to year 3), as this book provides plenty of real life examples, thus easier to understand calculus. 

If you are weak in mathematics, you can still start from the fundamentals in this book then move on to the advance level later. This book also covers some of the concepts that we have studied in Secondary School, for instance, product rules, quotient rules and quadratic formula. 

If you think that calculus is boring, then you should pick up this book today. I am certain that you will change your mind about calculus and realise the usefulness of the concepts.


Call Number: QA 303.2 HOF 2010

Location: East

Written by Nan Mwai Noon


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