Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: An Integrated Approach by William D. Callister, Jr and David G. Rethwisch

For students having a hard time struggling with all different types of materials and properties, you may like to have a good look at this book. This book is written by William D. Callister, Jr and David G. Rethwisch. It is a good introductory book on learning the different materials that are being studied by materials scientists. For students who are going to select A291 Materials Science or A292 Polymers and Composites modules in the coming semester (core modules for year 2 students from Diploma in Materials Science), this series is going to be really useful for you.

In this book, there are lots of details covered in the research of materials studying. It includes the study of the structure and properties of the 3 major types of materials (Metal, Polymer and Ceramic). It also covers the basic concepts of materials bonding; the primary reason that will alter a material’s properties and performance. Studies of different materials behaviour in different environments are also introduced in the book, making it useful for us to apply these concepts to our problem solving in the modules.

Some of you may ask why did I recommend this book out of so many others? This is because I feel that this book can be easily understood as the words used to describe the concepts are clear and easy to understand. There are ample diagrams and illustrations to help in better understanding. I like the way the diagrams are used to portray and enhance a concept such that we will have a deeper impression on the theories that we have learnt from the book.

To conclude, this book can really be a “holy bible” for the topic on materials study. Go and pick it up at the library today now!


Where to find it

Location: North

Call Number: TA 403 CAL 2008

Written by Lee Cheng Shu


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