WRITE TO THE POINT!: letters, memos, and reports that get results by Rosemary T. Fruehling and N.B. Oldham.

About the book:

This book highlights different areas in which we need to be careful about when we write. Whether you are writing a personal note or a business letter, this book provides a lot of pointers to the non-professional writers like us. Starting from the basic format, grammar to tones and styles, I am sure that you will be able to find useful writing tips for every situation.

This book also covers the different formats such as letters, reports and even emails. We are so used to sending emails to our friends, colleagues or even the boss. But are we writing what we intend to say in our letters, reports and emails? The way we convey our thoughts verbally is totally different from the way we should be writing them. Besides the phrasing of sentences, we must also be aware of the tone that we use in writing. The tone which we use in writing an email to a friend should be different from that used in our reports.

After reading the book, it reminds me of a friend who seldom writes to his overseas family because he calls them most of the time. When he sent an email to his parents one day, they called him and asked, “Why did your email sound like a working report than a family letter?” This goes to prove the importance of using the right tone in our writing, as it discloses our emotions and moods too.

This book also talks about how each of us can have our own writing style. The authors have provided many useful examples and pointed out numerous common mistakes that people make when they write. Don’t worry if you see the mistakes that you have been making. Correct those mistakes and you are on your way to become a better writer.



Where to find this book?

Location: East Area

Call Number: PE1483 FRU 1994 


Written by WU BIKE


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