Hey Year 3 students, are you rushing to complete your FYP (Final Year Project) reports now? Perhaps you are just a Year 2 student, who is starting to plan your FYP. Then I have just the perfect book for you! Head down to our RP library, north entrance, and locate this book “Final year project report”.

I find that this is an extremely helpful book as it provides a clear structure on how to write a formal project report. It also goes down to details such as length of the report, spacing and fonts requirement. This book also talked about the difference between an abstract and an introduction, general grammar, language and style tips. I think most of us are not so sure on how to write a beautiful report. Fear not, help is here! Read this book and it will help you clear your doubts and prepare a satisfactory report or improve on your existing one.

This book is nicely divided into 5 chapters, which follow the flow of a report. In Chapter 1, it indicates the basic requirements of the project, which gives you a primary understanding on report writing. Chapter 2 is the main section, which talks about the framework and elements in a report. Following that, it shows you the formatting and the final draft. Last but not least, it provides a sample of a final year report for your reference.

This is not a thick or complex book, but it covers a lot of areas. It is definitely worth your time to read it.


Where to find the book?

Call Number: T 11 BAS 2004

Location: North

Written by LV Ruilong


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