Big Wings by Philip Kaplan

“Big Wings” showcases some of the world’s largest aeroplanes and it is definitely the book for all those aeroplane lovers. I find that this book will also be very useful for students in the school of engineering, especially those who are taking Diploma in Aerospace Avionics, Diploma in Aerospace Engineering and Diploma in Civil Aviation. In the beginning of “Big Wings”, you will read about the history of bombers (military aircrafts). After I read through it, I felt that it is very important to understand the history of the aeroplanes. This book clearly depicts how the military planes developed from those old days when technology was not so advanced. I am very impressed with the engineers as they managed to succeed even though they faced numerous obstacles when developing the aircrafts. There is a huge collection of photos in this book and you can evidently see the evolution of the aeroplanes from the past to the present. This book also mentioned the making of the world’s largest plane – Airbus 380, which broke the world record as it is able to carry a maximum of 800 passengers on one flight. I feel that this book can be read anytime as the facts presented are very interesting. I am sure no one will feel bored when reading the book. You should pick up this book from the library today!


Where to find the book?

Location: North

Call Number: TL670 KAP 2005


Writte by How Teck Tiam


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