Immunology (Sixth edition) by Ivan Roitt, Jonathan Brostoff & David Male


When the authors were revising this book, they wanted to introduce a new method to facilitate the understanding of the human immune system. As a result, the first half of this book, which covers basic immunology, was completely reorganized. What’s more, all sections have been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the continuing research on immunology.

The book starts with describing the components of the immune system – cells, tissues and organs, and how they work together to defend the body. In the following chapters, the authors went on to describe the initiation of the immune response. Eventually, the book goes more in-depth into the principle effector arms of immune response-TH2 responses with antibody production, TH1 responses and mononuclear phagocytes, and cytotoxicity.

This book has an additional feature which is the use of problem-based learning for basic immunology and clinical case studies when appropriate. You can also find an edited set of solution for every problem. Although the questions are open-ended ones, they can be used effectively for class discussions or during tutorials. Another advantage of using this book is the interlinked products which will help to enhance learning and provide different ways on approaching the subject. In addition, you can use the attached CD-ROM to help you understand the topics better.

I feel that this book will be “tasty” to readers who are interested in immunology. For students who are studying biology or related modules, I think this book will provide you with all the information that you need.

Where to search for the book?

Call number: QR 181 ROI 2001 (West)

Location: West

Written by Wang Chao


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