Biology by Neil A. Campbell

When you are lingering at the door of science, try spending more time thinking about nature with respect to biology. You might remain perplexed despite much thought about how an animal can develop from such small cells. You might want to find out more about the evolution of biological diversity, and I would like to recommend you this book titled Biology by Campbell Reece.

There are eight units in this book and Reece helps reader to form a clearer understanding on the intimate relationship between life and biology right at the beginning. This book can be divided into three parts. The first part is Genetics, which introduces gene expression, gene replication and hereditary disease. Based on this it explains how evolution can be viewed as a pattern and a process and how prokaryotes reproduce, mutate, and recombine. In Cell, the author discusses cell’s structure, functions and cell organelles. The last part is about Plant & Animal form and function, the experimental basis of our understanding of plant biology and evolutionary perspective underscoring how environment and physical laws shape adaptations across animal groups.

This book not only highlights the importance of biology, it also helps us make sense of science and form our scientific thinking.

Where to find it?
Call number: QH 308.2 CAM 2008
Location: West


Written by Wang Lina


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