Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong

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Do you sometimes feel that some of your peers in class seem to have better knowledge about Marketing than you? I would like to recommend to you the “Principles of Marketing” by Kotler and Armstrong as I believe it can help to prepare you better for the subject and feel more adequate in class.

If you think that the revision with just 6th presentation is not sufficient and you desire to study more about marketing, then this book is highly recommended for you, especially for both Year One and Year Two students taking the Marketing module. The most distinct part of the book is examples that show the application of theories, thus allowing readers to understand the theories better.

There are five new value-added features in this book that differentiate it from other marketing books. First of all, the learning objectives help me to keep track with what the chapter is all about. In other words, I can check if I had really understood the concept of that chapter.

Also, all the concepts that are being discussed in B216 module are inclusive in the book. Moreover, examples relevant to Singapore are included. For instance, the products used as examples are those that we are familiar with. With the help of this book, we can be better prepared for Understanding Tests.

To sum up, the book is like a marketing teacher, providing insights and highlighting the key points to readers. As for me, the index at the back of the book is the most useful because it provides details on where to find certain key words. I am normally in a rush and this makes my life a lot easier.

Written by Soe Htike


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‘Principles of marketing’ is one of the most famous economic books introducing the basic principles in marketing field. It is a collaboration between Dr. Philip Kotler and Dr. Gary Armstrong. The latest edition available at RP library is the thirteenth edition. If you are keen on marketing theories and knowledge, you should not miss this masterwork.

Here is a brief introduction of one of the author – Dr. Philip Kotler: Philip Kotler was selected in 2001 as the 4th top major management guru by The Times (behind Jack Welch, Bill Gates, and Peter Drucker,) and has been hailed by the Management Centre Europe as “the world’s foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing.” In 2008, the Wall Street Journal listed him as the 6th most influential person on business thinking.

The book is divided into 4 parts, with 20 chapters in total.  These include: defining marketing, the marketplace and consumers, a customer-driven marketing strategy and last but not least: extending marketing.

In today’s new economic situation, marketing is not just a business function.  It is more about how to create value for customers as a whole way of thinking in this free economy environment. And as computer technology, communications methods, transportation methods and other technological issues rapidly develops, the world becomes smaller and smaller, the role of marketing has become particularly important to those companies and countries who want to compete efficiently in the global market of today. If we want to be a part of this globalization process, we need to defend ourselves with strong marketing background.

If you have seen another masterpiece by Dr. Philip Kotler—‘marketing management’, you will find that ‘Principles of marketing’ is actually a ‘simple edition’ of that marketing book. But the simplicity is just in the understanding of the theories, not in the quality. The new edition of this marketing book has a completely new learning design. The text itself is more active and provides a more integrative presentation including new learning enhancements. And more importantly, if compared with the previous editions, this latest edition covers more on the rapidly changing nature of customer relationships with companies and brands.  This will lead the learner to have a deeper understanding about current markets.

Since the first edition in the 60s of the last century, the book had been published in 13 editions, in more than 30 languages and selected as a textbook for many famous universities and MBA institutes.

So if you want to learn more about the book, it’s available at the RP library South! It will is sure to fascinate you if you want to be a successful marketer. 



Written by Hou Zefeng



Location of this book:

Call Number             : RQ HF5415 KOT 2010

Location                   : South Area


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