Probability For DUMMIES by Deborah Rumsey

Have you ever had difficulties doing probability and find it extremely challenging following the worksheets in class?  If this is so, “Probability for Dummies” is the book for you. It is a book for keen beginners, showing you the foundations of probability along with colorful examples, explanations and tutorials. What is more, this book provides you with professional tips such as ten steps to a better probability grade, etc.

Since this book aims to let students comprehend the building blocks of probability, I would highly recommend students to refer to this book as their guide. Each chapter has been explained thoroughly along with essential tips and exercises. Furthermore, this book even enlightens us on how to apply probability to make life easier. An interesting example is under part II, page 65 which talks about counting using probability and betting to win. Moreover, this book is well organized in various parts and chapters. To allow better visualization, this book is fully furnished with well-explained diagrams, theories and learning tips in each chapter. Since this book renders all the critical skills and knowledge that students require, this is the opportunity for students to learn better about probability.

It is good to be proficient in these topics which students are going to learn in the relevant Mathematics modules as they empower us to solve daily problems in real life. In order to attain a high level of understanding, we essentially need to figure out the basics first. So, once more, if you encounter any difficulties in probability, this book is a perfect guide for you. All you need is the willingness to learn.

Location – East

Call Number – QA 273 RUM 2006

Written by Win Myo Htun


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