A New Look to the New Arrivals!

Hi All! We have a new set of arrangement to our library since a couple of weeks back!

The ‘New Arrivals’ is one of our biggest highlights in the library.

In case you have not known, there are new collections of library items (academic books, fiction/non-fiction books, DVDs, etc) shelved every week. Instead of hogging to one specific book of your preference, you can also check out if there are updated volumes of the books.

So what’s going on here?

We have made changes to the arrangement of the New Arrivals (NA). Previously, they were located in front of the long staircase towards the Gallery.

In comparison to the ‘leased collection’ items at the pushcart (see below), it seems like the NA display did not appear as conspicuous and eye-catching.

This is more appealing, right?

What have we come up with?

The new arrangement for the NA shelves are completely different from the previous. Here are the differences:

  • Instead of having only one location, we have now included the North and South area of the library.
  • All NA items will be shelved for display every week.
  • The shelves are pushed to the front of the library.

There are two New Arrivals shelves placed at each location. At the North of the library, one shelf covers library items from West area and the other covers those from North area.

As for South area of the library, one NA shelf consists of books from South location while the other is East.

The advantage about the new arrangement of books is that it is easier for staff whom have recommended the book(s) to find it/them at one common area. Occasionally, we have received feedbacks that the books are not located at the shelf as stated by the call numbers. Therefore, we hope the new change of New Arrivals will help users to identify new books with less complications.

Cheers to the New Look! (:


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