Beginning Physics I – ALVIN HALPERN

If you are interested in physics but you are not familiar with it, here is the book for you to understand all the basics of physics. This book covers the key Chapters of physics  which are Mechanics physics and Thermodynamics physics.

 Mechanics physics is quite an interesting topic among all the other topics because it’s quite similar to our daily life. For example, in Chapter 4 and 5, the author explained about Newton’s 1st law, 2nd law and 3rd law of motions. From these, we can understand how things move and how they can be moved. For instance, the driving of a car. But we cannot forget the importance of “Friction”. Without it, we can’t even walk. You can find out more in this book. Another interesting topic is Chapter 14 which include nature of fluid motion, laws of fluid motion, etc. After reading them, you would probably understand how water comes out from your hand shower when you are taking a bath. 

I personally like this book because in every chapter, the author explained all the theories clearly, followed by fully worked problems and practice problems with answers so that you may work them out on your own. This allows you to study the topic independently.


Where to find the book?
Call number:  QC 125.2 HAL 2005
Location: East


Written by Kyaw Zin Htun


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