Conceptual Physics – Tenth Edition by PAUL G. HEWITT

This book offers a great help for you to understand more about physics. The author has covered the entire area of physics which include mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, and so on.

Being an Engineering student, my main interests lie in mechanics and electricity. In part one of the book, the author talks about mechanics physics which includes Aristotle on motion, Newton’s First law of motion, momentum, and more to give us a better understanding of how objects are moving and what are the energies needed for them to move.

I enjoyed Chapter 23 most which was on Electric Current because it talks about electric current, electric circuits, parallel and series circuits, etc. The overloading of circuits and safety fuses were covered as well. I believed this information is very relevant to our daily lives as we use electricity everyday and in understanding it well, we can handle it with care for our own safety.

Moreover, the author has covered a lot of interesting topics like atomic and nuclear physics, properties of light, etc. Since the author has generously offered such abundant topics, you can easily indulge in one of the topics of your interests.

Last but not least, if you are taking A203 Applied Physics and A207 Physics modules, you may use this book as reference and get yourself prepared for your Understanding Tests.

I enjoy physics, and I’m sure you will too.

Call Number: QC 23.2 HEW 2006

Location: East

Written by Kyaw Zin Htun


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