Calculus by Howard Anton

This book is a good reference, especially for the students who are taking A211-Advanced Mathematics I – differential equations.

Based on my experience, at the start of the lessons, this module introduces the part about differentiation equations (mainly talk about the derivatives).  By simply following the worksheets, it is difficult for most students new to the topic to solve the questions. With the help of this book, which provides more information starting from the fundamental to more advanced level, not only can students learn better but also challenges them. For example, in Chapter 3 which is on the derivative, instead of plunging into the topic itself, the book guides the students to learn rate of change in physical phenomena such as the speed of a car, growth number of bacteria and so on. Following the topic, it shows the proof and relation of linking rate of change into derivative function. Then it introduces main rules used in derivative calculations such as product rule, chain rule and power rule. For each rule, the book shows detailed proofs for the theorem and provides graphs for explanation. So when student read through those chapters, they won’t be bored and those graphs strengthen their impressions about the rules. What’s more? It attaches examples and practices for students to practice and gain improvements. Indeed, I have to say this book teaches me more than the school’s 6th P. The later part of the module on Advanced Mathematics I covers a lot of problems about integration which is much more difficult than derivative. This book will ease your way in learning it well. It provides good and detailed explanations about the symbols used in integration so that when you are questioned, you will be able to react faster and answer better.

This book also benefits students who are taking E336 Biomedical Signal Processing and E204 Linear Circuits and Control. These two modules require students to apply math knowledge in some problems. For example, in Chapter 10, the Euler’s method is introduced. This is a very important part for application in most SEG modules while doing calculations.

Indeed, this book has benefitted me in my studies at RP for two years. I would like to share my learning experience and pass the good things to my juniors and help them gain achievements at RP.

Call number: QA303 ANT 1999

Location: East

Written by Wu Meng Jiao


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