Mythbusters™: Don’t Try This at Home!

Have you ever wondered if any of the myths or rumours you have heard is true? MythBusters can help you to complete this challenging task to separate the truth from the myths and legends told by people. MythBusters is actually a book developed from the popular MythBusters show in Discovery Channel.

In this book, there are actually 15 myths awaiting us to study, experiment and to prove it as a fact or nonsense. The experiments and activities in the books are divided into 2 regions, which can be done at home. Each section has very detailed descriptions about how the activities are being carried out. There are also procedures and materials that are listed for us to try some simple, interesting experiments at home.

Personally, I feel that this book is fun, interesting and at the same time, educational. This is because in every of the busting myths mission, there is some history about the myths and how the professionals go about in examining the validity of the legends. Photos are included for easier reference and the phrasing of words in the book makes learning easy, humorous and interesting. The best part that I like about this book is that there are the “try this at home” sections. I feel that by making use of some science concept behind the activities, we can also conduct simple experiments to have some self-experiences on the science theories and concepts.

Another good point of the book is that there are true/ false quizzes to check your understanding of the concepts at the end of every experiment. Reading this book can broaden our general knowledge, common sense and also equip ourselves with scientific knowledge so that we would not easily fooled by people.

My favourite activity is actually “Making Quicksand” in the “try this at home” section. I think that it has a very attractive title and content which will make both adults and kids wonder how we can actually create a quicksand and get the sensation at home by just using materials that are in our everyday life.

Join me in the series of mythbusting activities, gaining knowledge and having fun at the same time!!


Where to find it?

Location: Central
Call Number: 507.8


Written by Lee Cheng Shu


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