Being Happy!: A Handbook to Greater Confidence & Security by Andrew Matthews

Have you ever thought that you are the only one who encounters bad luck? Are you thinking that a good thing can never happen in your life? Have you ever experienced before that the misfortune always comes to you whenever you are planning or having some great time?

Well, don’t you think that all these actually keep us away from being happy? Well, we can be happy all the time or at least most of the time. But you may wonder how we can be happy all the time. You can find the answer in this book, “Being Happy!”

By reading this book, you will have better understanding of yourself. You will also find out how to build our self-esteem, get to your goals and some interesting topics like The Law of Attraction.

I am sure everybody wants to be care-free and happy all the time. Nobody can enjoy lives which are full with sorrow, misfortune and so on. Let me quote a sentence from this book. “Life changes when change”. So, why not we change our mindset and find out the ways to happiness. I am sure this book will help you a lot so please grab it as soon as possible! 🙂


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Location: South Area

Written by Shwe Yee Phyo


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