Who Wants To Be A Librarian?

Answers to Week 4’s quiz of “Who wants to be a Librarian?”

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to those who participated in “Who Wants to be a Librarian?”. The contest has ended and we hope that you are now more familiar with the library services offered. You can also share with us your thoughts on this contest by leaving a comment for this blog post below.


These are the answers to the last quiz:  

1) Which one of these newspapers is NOT available on “Newslink” (one of the news databases subscribed by RP Library)?


Ans: D) New Straits Times
Newslink is an online newspaper archival service that offers archived news articles, photographs and PDF copies of the local newspapers published by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). The New Straits Times is not published by SPH. You can access Newslink at http://www.rp.sg/lib/internal/newsdatabase.aspx.



2) What kind of information can be found on the RP Library Blog?


Ans: E) All of the above
Visit the RP Library blog at https://rplib.wordpress.com/ and you can find updates on the latest happenings at the library, new arrivals, book reviews, DVD reviews, survey on video games and more!



3) The title “Chicken soup for the teenage soul on tough stuff: stories of tough times and lessons learned” (2001) by Jack Canfield is located in which part of RP Library?

Ans: B) South
Using the library catalogue at http://libopac.rp.edu.sg/, check the call number of this book – BJ1661 CHI 2001. The call number starts with “B”, so it is located near the south entrance. Refer to http://www.rp.sg/lib/collayout.aspx for more information.



4) The title “Best jobs in the 21st century” (2009) by Michael Farr is located in which part of RP Library?

Ans: E) Central
Although the call number of this title is HF5381.15 FAR 2009, it is not located at the south part of the library. This book is at location JOB, therefore, it is placed at the Student Career Centre, central part of the library.  Refer to http://www.rp.sg/lib/collayout.aspx for more information.



5) Which database can you find video clips on plays?

Ans: D) Theatre in Video
Theatre in Video contains more than 100 definitive performances of the world’s leading plays, together with more than 60 film documentaries, online in streaming video – more than 250 hours in all. You can access this database at http://www.rp.sg/lib/internal/databaselisting.aspx.




The lucky winner of each week’s quiz will be announced on the poster in front of library south counter.
Winners must collect the prize within 2 weeks of the announcement.
For verification purpose, winners will need to present his/her student card when collecting the prize.

See contest flyer and rules and regulations for full contest details.


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