Do good: how designers can change the world by David B. Berman

About the book

This book delivers important messages for designers, for those who buy design, and for those who consume design.  Can you not believe that designers have enormous power to influence how we see our world? Look at the advertisements, icons, signboards, etc, around you, and you will soon begin to realise that designers do have a powerful influence on how we perceive the world. The author strongly believes that designers are not only supposed to do good designs, most importantly, they should do good! Therefore, he has included a lot of the good and the bad on graphic designs, advertisements and branding in this book.


Reader’s Note

To illustrate the power of designers, the author included a quotation from Robert L. Peters, on page 127: “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future. Design is therefore responsible for the world our children will live in.” Most of us, including myself, do not realise that designers can actually influence what we see, what we buy and even what we eat! Read this book and be amazed by how the designers work on their design. The author has also carefully selected numerous examples of signages, icons, posters, etc, and explained why some designs work, while others have failed to deliver the intended messages.

Apart from designers, I believe that everyone can shape the world in their own ways, no matter how small the effort is. Do not think that you are useless or too minute to make a difference. No matter what profession we are in, every one of us is a part of this world and we are able to influence the people around us as well as the environment we are in. So, are you ready to do good and change the world?



Where to find the book?

Call number : HF 5413 BER 2009

Location: South.


Written by Liu Ning


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