Six Sigma for green belts and champions : foundations, DMAIC, tools, cases, and certification by Howard S. Gitlow, David M. Levine.

“Continuous improvement”… What does this phrase remind you of? Is it only applicable to the business or engineering field? How do you apply the continuous improvement process using the Six Sigma approach?

Well, the truth is this concept can be applied to a wide range of activities, including in a multinational corporation to maintain its competitiveness!

This book is all about the Six Sigma methodology, a systematic quality improvement methodology that is widely valued and used by companies worldwide. These five key major steps are described in details in this book – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, and how they seek to reduce variation and eventually, increase quality and performance. This book has a comprehensive introduction to Six Sigma and there are even various statistical tools that can help you in carrying out analysis and making objective judgement.

I came across this book after learning from my facilitator that she has relevant experience in Six Sigma and this subject is also covered in one of the modules in my diploma programme. Having the urge to know more about Six Sigma, I borrowed this book from the library and started reading it. It has definitely alleviated my interest and appreciation in Six Sigma since then. The authors are the experts in the field of Six Sigma and statistics, so I am not surprise that this book has provided me with a good introduction to Six Sigma and many other quality-related concepts found in my course.

I would recommend this book to the students taking E326 Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma module, or students from Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management and Diploma in Supply Chain Management. Many concepts are illustrated with relevant examples and there are even sample questions and answers to test your level of understanding on the topic. The authors have definitely covered sufficient breadth and depth on the subject.

This book has worked for me, and I believe you will find it useful too!


Where to find the book?
Call number: HD62.15 GIT 2005
Location: South

Written by Jeksen


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