Immunology by Ivan Roitt, Jonathan Brostoff, David Male

This book is mainly about Immunology and includes topics like immune responses, antibodies and inflammation and etc. In my opinion, this book is really informative as it includes most of the topics that are essential for Immunology module which I studied in year 2 semester 2. For instance, chapters like immune responses that includes inflammation, interaction of MHC molecules with antigenic peptides and etc which all this book provides useful information in understanding these topics. In addition, the information in this book is well organized and is easy to understand.  Moreover, it provides a guides in the understanding of the topics related to Immunology which also helps in UTs. All in all, this book is really suitable for those who are going to take or are already taking the module for Immunology in courses like Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, etc. You will be sure no regret in reading this book which can help a lot in understanding the module for Immunology.

Publisher             : Mosby

Call Number       : QR 181 ROI 20091

Location               : West

Reviewed by      : Wong Wai Chun



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