From the book title Chemistry as the Central of Science, we know that chemistry is vital in our daily life. This book covers the chemistry of life, particularly the Organic and Biological Chemistry. If you are a student from SAS, this book will be useful to you.  That’s because Chemistry is a must in SAS and a lot of modules will be related to it. As long as your career prospect is in science we need to excel in chemistry.

I recommend this book because it is a new edition available in RP library. So a lot of facts are being updated in this editon, and they also include some interesting and up to date facts about science and technology, thus it will help us in understanding the applications of chemistry in our daily life. From the very basic of how the little particles make up our life, to how compounds with different shapes will somehow affect their properties.  I read a very interesting part about the buffer solution with both alkaline and acid that prevent changes in the pH of the solution.

The book itself is widely used by Colleges and Universities around the world. I personally recommend this book because it is easy for beginners to understand. The book provides us with the guideline of how to master Chemistry. As long as we invest some time to read it patiently, we will be assured of gaining some insights. I think Chemistry is a very interesting subject! Don’t think that because it is a textbook, it will be boring! You can find the book at the west area of the library. Basically, the book will help us in building up our foundation in Chemistry, and most importantly, Chemistry is a must if we are doing any major courses in Science, be it life science or engineering.


Where to find the book?
Location: West
Call Number: QD31.3 CHE


Written by Lim Yong Xing


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