Beginning Ruby on Rails by Steven Holzner

Are you a fan of web development? Do you like developing dynamic websites? Have you been coping well with C203 Web Development module and are prepared to learn something more?  If you have answered “yes” to all the above questions, this book is just for you. “Ruby on Rails” is considered one of the most powerful tools in the area of web development, therefore, even though it is not taught in RP, it is worth learning. “Ruby on Rails” is the combination of a programming language, Ruby, and a framework, Rail. As Rail framework makes use of Model-Viewer-Controller approach, the files are therefore well structured and requires less codes. Moreover, the codes written are neat compared to PHP which is taught in RP.

With this book, students will get to learn Ruby programming language. Learning Ruby is useful not only for “Ruby on Rails” but also  for other areas of IT. The book will give specific instructions on how to install “Ruby on Rails”. After mastering all the basic concepts of Ruby, students will be able to have hands on practice with the simple Rails application. In the end, students will learn the concepts of each component Model, Viewer and Controller.

From my point of view, the development experience with “Ruby on Rails” was much better than PHP in terms of structuring the files and using the language. Ruby language is more human-friendly than PHP since the vocabulary is much easier to remember. As for the structure of the files, each component is in charge of one particular area; Models are in charge of database management, Views are in charge of rendering the HTML for display to the users, whereas Controllers carry out the logic of the web application.

“Ruby on Rails” might not be used in the Final Year Project but the concept of MVC architecture is very important, therefore it is really advisable to grasp the basics of MVC. There are other tools that work with architecture that uses PHP (CakePHP, CodeIgniter) but it is harder for me to understand. After learning “Ruby on Rails”, you can consider progressing to other frameworks like CakePHP or CodeIgniter to sharpen the knowledge of web application.


Where to find the book?

Call Number: QA 76.64 HOL 2007

Location: East

Writer: Ngo Minh Nam


2 thoughts on “Beginning Ruby on Rails by Steven Holzner

  1. Yes, Agile Web Development is indeed the most recommended book. It’s even introduced in the official RoR website. Besides, I also found “Rails for PHP Developers” good and very detailed in comparison between PHP and RoR. I’m currently reading it 😀

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