Movie Review: Aristocrats

‘Aristocrats’, another BBC television drama, tells a true story of the five bewitching Lennox sisters—Caroline, Emily, Louisa, Sarah and Cecilia.

Caroline, Emily, Louisa and Sarah had different relationships but not all of them end up in happy marriages. Although the story took place in England during the 19th century, it depicts the meaning of true love and showed how women fought for their happiness.

First of all, the eldest sister Caroline fell in love with a much older man Henry Fox. Although Fox was not as handsome as Caroline’s other suitors, she was attracted by his wits, intelligence and sincerity. To some extent, I find myself like Caroline. I believe that a man’s beauty can catch my eyes while a man’s brightness can catch my heart. I never dream of marrying a handsome man, as they may be ignorant or arrogant. I hope I can marry a man who can be my soul mate.   

Now, moving back to the story, Caroline got married to Fox despite her father’s strong objection. As a result, Caroline was forced to leave the family.

A few years later, Emily got married. Unlike Caroline, her marriage was approved by everyone. Her extremely rich and handsome husband was the kind of young men that every girl ever wanted to marry. It seemed that Emily should live happily ever after. However, life was unlike what happened in fairytales. Emily’s seemingly happy marriage was destroyed when she had an affair with her children’s tutor ten years later.

Although the sisters belonged to a reputable family, they had to struggle and fight for their own happiness. Their choices had laid the paths of their life journeys. If you are one of them, how would you choose? Would Caroline and Emily be happy again? What happened to the other two sisters? Watch the DVDs and find out for yourself.


Where to find the DVD?
Call number: DVD PN1992.77 ARI 2006
Location: South


Written by Zheng Jieyun


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