Statistics for Dummies by Rumsey, Deborah J. 1

Statistics for dummiesStatistics has always been one of the most avoided subjects by a lot of people. Not only it requires a lot of thinking and calculation, being able to apply it to many different cases, it has also tricky. Hence, this book is written to guide you.

This book is suitable for students taking Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management, Diploma in Civil Aviation, Diploma in Supply Chain Management and some other courses in Republic Polytechnic that require statistics. For instance, this book prepares you for “E214-4 Statistical Methods for Engineering” module where you can learn about different test statistics here (t-test, z-test, etc), how to compare sample data from two different populations, and more about probability.

I didn’t read all of the content of this book, but a lot of the topics written have been very helpful when I was solving my problem in the module. Not only it is an “understandable lesson” to me, it is also equipped with example questions which made me understand how to apply the concepts better.

For those who deal with statistics, please do not hesitate. Come down to library today as there is only one copy of this book in the library. Have an enjoyable time learning statistics!


Where to find the book?
Call Number: HA 29 RUM 2003
Location: South

Written by Harris Kristanto


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