Quality – 4th Edition by Donna C. S. Summers

Quality Fourth editionQuality Engineering is a subject whose applications can be found in various industries, including manufacturing or service industry where knowing how the company is performing and taking the necessary actions to rectify any discrepancies is essential for its survival. This book by Summers gives a good basic introduction to the field of Quality Engineering, and contains a number of examples and workings to give you a good grasp of the subject and foundation for further readings.

This book is particularly relevant for students from Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management who is taking E332 Quality Control module. Some of the topics that will be covered include: Control Charts, Process Capability, Design of Experiments and many more. Statistics is an essential component in the field of Quality Control, and with the numerous examples contained in the book, readers can expect to practise on the statistical concepts for a good understanding of the subject.

I came across this book when I was in second year of my studies. Being interested in the field of Quality and curious about the subject then, I took it up and started reading it. I have to say that even though this book doesn’t cover as much as some other Quality Control books do, however, it had definitely given me a good basic introduction to the subject and provided me with some prior knowledge during my Quality Control lesson. Nevertheless, this book suits everyone who wishes to have an idea of what Quality Engineering is about before pursuing deeper into the subject.

This book has worked for me, and I’m sure it will do you good too. Good luck!


Where to find the book?
Call Number: TS156.6 SUM 2006
Location: North

Written by Jeksen


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