Operating System Concepts by Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin, Greg Gagne.

operating system conceptsDoes the operating system interest you? Or do you have any barrier in understanding the role of the operating system in a computer system? Here’s an interesting and resourceful book which can help you regarding the above questions.

You can find different editions of this book and the latest one is the 8th Edition which can also be found in RP library. Here, I’ll be sharing about the 7th Edition. This book is comprises 8 main parts and 23 chapters in total. The book begins with the introduction of what an operating system is. So for the beginners like us who just start to learn about OS, it’s very useful and helpful for me.

Moreover, the 4 main functions of OS are widely explained in this book. What makes this book more efficient than online resources is that it provides graphical illustrations which are actually good learning aid for us. Moreover, as it is intended for junior or senior undergraduates, I find it quite easy to understand. Detailed explanation of technical words is also a good feature of this book.

This book will be helpful for those who are taking C226, Operating Systems Module. With the summary and exercise at each chapter it will also help us in preparing for UTs.


Where to find the book?
Call Number: QA 76.76.O63 SIL 2005
Location: East

Written by Shwe Yee Phyo


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