10 Promises To My Dog

poster“Please enjoy your life with me.”

“Take care of me when I get old.”

“When I’m passing away, please be with me. And, remember that I love you.”

Are these the promises between a couple? Or the promises between a just-married husband and wife?

Yes, it seems, but….

“Talk to me a lot. Even if I don’t understand your words, I understand you.”

“Remember before you hit me that I have teeth that could easily crush the bones of you but that I choose not to bite you.”

Should you get confused now? It couldn’t be promises between couples, between father and son, or neither between mother and daughter.

Would you be surprised to know that these are the promises between Akira – a 12 years old girl, and her dog – Sock?

They are the few promises I still can remember from the movie “10 promises to my dog” – a movie that all sensitive souls will love, and one that would touch even the hardest person.

The movie was about Akira – a 12 years old girl, who is the owner of a female dog named Sock. At the beginning of the movie, it seemed like the dog come to her accidentally. She found Sock in the backyard, and she was so happy when her mother allowed her to keep Sock – with a list of 10 conditions, which her mother called: 10 promises to my dog.

Shortly after Sock came to her life, her mother got weaker and weaker due to a cancer, and with a father who is a always-busy-doctor, Sock became the only one who was beside her all along. When her mother passed away, Sock even played more and more important part in Akira’s life. She cried, she smiled, all the tough time and happy time, it was always Sock who shared with her. Sock was the one that helped her to overcome the period of darkness in her life.

But when she was growing up, with new school, new friends, and more busy life, she no longer spent much time with her dog. Instead, she let her childhood close-friend take care for Sock. Sadly, her feeling slowly shifted away from Sock. She worked in an animal research center, she took care for animals, but sometimes, she even totally forgot about her dog.

Just until one day, her father called her home, and said that Sock’s health was getting worse.  She came home and found out that Sock didn’t come to her accidently. It was her mother, who had tried to hide her sickness that brought Sock to Akira’s life, the one she believed that can comfort Akira to overcome the sadness.

At the last screen of the movie, Akira is reminded about the 10 promises, she read it, and realized: 10 years is a long time, but did she really fulfill the 10 promises she had made 10 years ago?

Obviously that “10 promises to my dog” is a great movie for animal lovers. But whoever you are, whether you are animal lovers, you will still laugh and cry till the end of the movie, because the movie does not only aim to display the love for pets, but also more on social responsibility. It brings out a good lesson of love and responsibility, not as a MUST, NEED or HAVE TO, but something that comes very naturally. It is a nice movie to refresh, and really a good choice as a family-movie.

One warning for the sensitive soul, you should prepare a chunk of tissue before you watch this movie :).

The 10 promises: (from http://mediacorptv.sg/English/forums/thread/72720.aspx)

– Japanese:

1.    私と気長につきあってください。

2.    私を信じてください。それだけで私は幸せです。

3.    私にも心があることを忘れないでください。

 4.    言うことを聞かないときは、理由があります。

 5.    私にたくさん話しかけてください。


 6.    私をたたかないで。本気になったら


7.    私が年を取っても、仲良くしてください。

8.    あなたには学校もあるし友達もいます。


9.    私は10年くらいしか生きられません。


 10.   私が死ぬとき、おねがいです。そばにいてください。



– English:

1. Please enjoy your life with me.

2. Place your trust in me. It’s crucial to my well-being.

3. Please never forget I have my own feelings.

4. When I don’t want to do what you want, I have a reason.

5. Talk to me a lot. Even if I don’t understand your words, I understand you.

6. Remember before you hit me that I have teeth that could easily crush the bones of you but that I choose not to bite you.

7. Take care of me when I get old.

8. You have your school and your friends. I have only you.

9. My life is likely to last about ten years.

Please try to find time staying with me as much as you can.

10. When I’m passing away, please be with me. And, remember that I love you.


1. 請與我耐心地交往。

2. 請相信我。如果你相信我,我就變得幸福。

3. 我也有心靈。請別忘記。

4. 如果我不聽你的話,那時候我必定有理由。

5. 請多一點對我搭話。我不會說人的言詞,可是我理解你說什麼。

6. 請別打我。請你想起來,如果我認真得與你比力氣,我比你強。

7. 我老了之後也我們是永遠的好朋友吧?

8. 你每天上學,有很多朋友。可是我只有你。

9. 我能生活僅僅十年左右,所以請你多一點與我在一起。

10. 我死的時候,請你在我身旁。請記住,我一直愛你..


Where to find the item?
Call Number: DVD PN1997 TEN 2008
Location: South

Written by Le Ha Phuong


One thought on “10 Promises To My Dog

  1. faiii07 says:

    i’ve watched this movie and i really like it as well. i’m amazed by the loyalty of the dog towards the girl (and her father). a touching, must-watch move. (:

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